Welcome to Quillwood Academy!

We are excited to offer a range of courses and practice sessions to deepen your learning about the wisdom, practices, and skills needed to navigate our changing world. If you choose to participate in these offerings, and our learning community more broadly, we ask that you take seriously your responsibility to communicate openly and compassionately, especially when points of view differ or disagreements arise. Please read the following carefully, so that we can all support one another as we create this transformative learning environment.

Shared Responsibility

Realize that when we engage in online interaction the limited nature of our communication can lead to misunderstanding. We miss the subtle cues visible when in the physical presence of other people that add nuance to face-to-face interaction and soften our responses. If you decide to interact in our discussion forums, we request that before posting or responding you endeavor to interpret others’ words generously, speak with integrity, avoid name calling or ad hominem attacks, avoid taking things personally, and avoid holding too tightly to your initial assumptions about what others might mean based on what they have typed. These tasks are not always easy, but please do your best. If all Quillwood community members do this, many conflicts can be avoided and people’s learning experiences will be enhanced.

From time to time, despite everyone’s best intentions, problems arise. We recommend that in these instances you move a conversation out of the public arena and into a private one. If you are able to resolve your differences by personal email or even by phone, that is ideal. If not, please contact a Quillwood staff member to discuss things further. We moderate comments on the Quillwood Academy website as best we can. We ask that you step into this space with the intent to keep an open mind and communicate compassionately, and take responsibility for resolving disputes to the degree you are able. This is a good skill to learn. If we sense that a situation is lingering in deep upset, we will reach out to you and we will respond if you reach out to us. We may not always know specifically what to do, but we are available to listen and will support you to the best of our ability. That is our commitment to you.

Though we hope this will never be necessary, we at Quillwood Academy reserve the right to take away any participants ability to comment in discussion forums and even to remove them from a course. In the event this happens, know that by the time we took such dramatic action many lesser attempts at navigating conflict were tried and failed.


Our course environments support participants delving deeply into new and sometimes edgy topics. Such an experience can carry with it feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. Even when a course or forum area is restricted-access, it is also public in the sense that there may be hundreds of people participating who can see individual posts or comments. You should think carefully about what you share in the various environments since it is not possible for us to guarantee complete confidentiality.

That being said, we request that everyone do your part to keep our sharing spaces private and respectful. When something is shared in a course discussion forum please refrain from sharing it outside of our community unless you are given explicit consent to do so by the person who posted the comment. This may come in the form of consent to share while naming the person or keeping the comment’s source anonymous, or it could come as consent to share particular parts of the comment but not all of it. This request holds even if you leave out the name or other identifying characteristics of the person who made the comment. In other words, explicit consent is always required to share someone else’s comments outside of our learning community. No exceptions. Sharing links or resources that other course participants mention is fine.

Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service apply to your use of Quillwood Academy’s online community and course environments. You are solely responsible for your conduct in regard to these terms. By registering with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the following:

  • You acknowledge that you will receive email content from us for the purposes of sharing information related to Quillwood Academy, its course offerings, and other learning opportunities.
  • We reserve the right to remove any comment or discussion that jeopardizes integrity of our community or the privacy of individual community members.
  • We request that you refrain from solicitation and promotion of goods, services, websites or requesting money (profit or non-profit).
  • Personal contact information (including Facebook, Twitter, email/mailing addresses and telephone numbers) that is not your own should never be shared, copied, discussed, posted or requested in the community.
  • Please do not post content from our community outside of this space. See the Privacy section above for more detail.
  • All content on this forum is the sole responsibility of the party who posts it.
  • In short, you agree that you will make your best effort to remain in alignment with the values and responsibilities voiced here, and will under no circumstances act in a manner that violates laws and community boundaries that have been established.

Privacy Policy

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