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Ishmael reading group

Welcome to Quillwood Academy’s Reading Group for the book Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. Thanks for registering!

This virtual reading group will be facilitated by Eric Garza, and will meet four times. Reading assignments and general activities associated with each meeting are listed below:

  • Meeting 1, Orientation (Saturday, February 27, 2021 @ 2 pm EST, Check your local time here): We will use this meeting to outline the structure and logistics of the reading group, to get to know one another, and to explore what inspired us all to come together around this novel.
  • Meeting 2, Myths and Stories (March 13-14, 2021): Prior to joining this meeting, please read Chapters 1-5 in Ishmael so we can talk about the importance of myths and stories in our lives.
  • Meeting 3, Laws to Live By (March 27-28, 2021): Prior to joining this meeting, please read Chapters 6-10 in Ishmael so we can talk about Quinn’s ideas of nature’s laws.
  • Meeting 4, Hands of the Gods (April 10-11, 2021): Prior to joining this final meeting of our group, please read Chapters 11-13 in Ishmael, the book’s Afterward, and its Foreward.

Please fill out this Doodle Poll on or before Friday, February 26 with your general availability for the other weekends so we can schedule those meetings. Eric will announce the dates and times during the first meeting, and post the information here. All meetings will utilize Zoom conferencing software. If you do not have a Zoom account, please visit Zoom’s website and create one. Creating an account is free. All Zoom meetings will be recorded and made available for those unable to attend.

You can find Zoom login information, study questions, links to the course’s discussion forums, and other relevant information by clicking on each week’s lesson below. See you soon!