Eric Garza, Founder and Primary Instructor

Eric Garza
Photo credit: Andrew Sepic

Eric Garza founded Quillwood Academy in August of 2020, and is its primary instructor. He lives in Vermont’s Champlain Valley, in the Northeastern United States, where he spends much of his time pondering the skills and practices that might help us navigate the changing world in which we live. His academic studies focused on ecological economics, energy systems, environmental science, and public affairs, among other topics. You can read through his curriculum vitae for the grizzly details. He has trained in various martial arts and has invested thousands of hours learning and practicing place-based skills including foraging, tracking, interpreting landscapes, and crafting useful tools from gathered materials. His scholarly and philosophical influences include Bayo Akomolafe, adrienne maree and Autumn Brown, Jack D. Forbes, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Gabor Maté, Resmaa Menakem, Sherri Mitchell, Lama Rod Owens, Stephen Porges, Martín Prechtel, and Reverend angel Kyodo williams, among others. Although he presents as purely of European descent, Eric is biracial. His maternal ancestors are mostly Irish and Scottish, while his paternal ancestors are Indigenous North American and Basque. You can learn more about Eric, and read his blog, on his personal website.

Heather Luna, Workshop Facilitator

Heather Luna

Heather is a white-skinned, English-Spanish-Indigenous heritage, cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied woman. Born and raised in the United States, she spent 17 years in England before recently moving to Colombia, where her grandmother and many uncles and cousins live. Her background includes being an economics lecturer, an interfaith minister of spiritual counseling, founder of a refugee and asylum seeker organization, project coordinator for Education for Sustainable Development in UK universities, a hospice volunteer, founder of a Transition Town in England, trainer for Extinction Rebellion International and UK, a volunteer coordinator for an AIDS organization, and communications coordinator for Deep Adaptation Forum. She considers herself a communitarian-anarchist, having seen that governments are not responding appropriately to the unfolding crises over the centuries. She is the mother of a 12-year old activist. Her teachers and inspiration include: Harsha Walia, Mariame Kaba, Kelly Hayes, Andy Fisher, John P Clark, Peter Gelderloos, and Miki Kashtan. Her favorite quotation is from Mark Vonnegut: “We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is.”